Prepackaged or custom. Ensighted has a solution.

Ensight One

Through a one off analysis, this engagement answers burning questions such as specifically why your customers contact you, and how to improve your customer’s experience and service effectiveness.

  • One off Analysis
  • Answers why your customers contact you
  • Pre-packaged KPIs (e.g. AHT, NPS, FCR, Sales Conversion) and/or customer defined KPIs
  • Data to be provided in format to Ensighted specifications
  • Periodic or single re-run of results from Ensight One
  • Allowance for retuning insight collection
  • Additional KPIs can be added

Ensight Enrich

A periodic re-run of “Ensight One” to understand the effectiveness of improvements from the initial recommendations made. This support tracking and reporting of achievements aginst defined business objectives or KPIs.

Ensight Continuum

A fully operational and integrated analytics solution, enabling and empowering you with real time business insights to better drive continuous improvements. This is for those desiring total control and “in-the-moment” insights.

  • Full operational analytical insights platform
  • Automated daily feeds for interactions and associated metadata
  • Provides closed loop feedback managing business outcomes
  • Cloud-based software as a service
  • Core platform underlying the Ensight One and Ensight Enrich
  • Hosted in Australian data centre with secure data transfer processes

Ensight Cloud

To support our analytics engagements, Ensight Cloud means we can provide your analytics as a service allowing you to focus on driving change in your organisation whilst we partner with you to deliver insights and recommendations.

Ensight Consult

Already have a speech and text analytics solution? Do you need some help keeping the language model tuned? Or perhaps you need some specific integration or customised solution on premise. We can bring both our business and technical expertise to your next analytics project.

  • Customised consulting services
  • Deployment of pilots and on-premise solutions
  • Ensighted will develop specific KPIs, dashboards, reports or provide implementation services