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About Ensighted

Your business may be seeking domain consulting expertise and/or insights that are actionable, and that’s where we come in. Ensighted can support your business imperatives with both short and long term engagements, allowing you to easily leverage expert domain skills and best of breed technology as a service to improve and enhance your business and value to your end customers.

Our Core Values

We are open with internal information sharing, open minded to new ideas, and open in collaboration and conversation.
We are fair and pragmatic in the way we approach people and situations. We hold ourselves accountable as should our customers and partners in upholding strong business ethics.
Enjoy the ride and celebrate achievements! We recognise our people and the significant influence they have shaping the success of our business.
We are inquisitive in our interactions because we care, and eager to maximise the opportunity to learn. In the process, we give ourselves the best opportunity to deliver amazing experiences.
We are flexible, accessible and non-prescriptive. We do not compromise quality and take a no-nonsense approach to task delivery.

Why use us?

Ensighted delivers step changes in business performance

Sales Conversion

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It! We leverage the latest speech and text analytics technologies to understand which sales conversations and skills have the greatest impact on conversions. You can monitor skills utilised, how well they are applied and validate compliance for ever improving performance.


Finding compliance issues can be liking finding the needle in the haystack. Sampling random calls per agent doesn’t cut it. By leveraging speech and text analytics of your agents, you can identify specific deviations from your compliance policies and then use this with agents who need coaching.

Customer Experience

Understanding correlation and causation of both positive and negative experiences is often hidden in the unstructured data of the customer conversations. Our software creates structure around drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and presents them in a format for actionable outcomes.

Service Effectiveness

Create easy to digest customer journeys across voice, text and social media, to optimise the effectiveness of your agents. Understand what your customers are saying across all interactions. This ensures delivery improvement is based on meaningful data – not anecdotal – to ensure the greatest impact.

Self Service Optimisation

Often historical data is used to understand and improve IVR systems. The true source of insight comes from understanding what was said during conversations. By capturing and analysing all agent interactions you understand what customers really want, not what buttons they happened to press.


We provide a range of specialist consulting services to assist your business with customer experience strategy, operational wellness and tactical execution. Previous engagements include Contact Centre Optimisation and benchmarking, Improved Customer Experience blueprint, Technology procurement and Management.

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