Make 2018 the year to truly understand what your customers are asking of you!

As we reflect back on 2017, how far have we come as an industry in improving our customer’s experience and loyalty? Well for Australia, Forrester’s research in their 2017 Customer Experience Index would suggest not far at all with not a single industry average improved in 2017. They cite that organisations are failing to foster the positive emotions in the interactions held with customers. So how do we improve our efforts in 2018?

Prominent amongst CMO’s 8 digital marketing trends for 2018 was “leveraging data gets even more important” and gaining insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Perhaps though, there is a much simpler way of understanding how to improve the customer experience and that starts with listening to our customers. So often our customers tell us what they need, how they want to consume our services and how to improve our products but too often this “voice” is lost in the organisation and the feedback never makes it to the right people. However, it is possible to understand and analyse these missed opportunities and conversations which lie in the unstructured data in call recordings, emails and social media posts.

Speech and text analytics is an enabling technology which allows you to bring structure to the mass of information held in these customer interactions and bring life to what it is your customers are asking of you. Ensighted focus on bringing data to life, turning unstructured data into manageable information to allow you to make critical business decisions about your business and better serve your customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you truly understand what your customers are telling you.