What are the critical skills that really drive sales conversion?

If your contact centre is striving to drive up sales conversion, one of the smartest ways to get a significant lift is by correlating the specific sales skills utilised by agents with their sales conversion rates. If you knew that open probes for customer needs was a skill that delivered a 6X improvement in conversion rates compared with undertaking open probes about potential competitors that your customers or prospects are talking with, where would you focus your agents time? Would it surprise you to find that the skill of exhibiting courtesy may not be a significant influence on your agents conversion rates?

Leveraging speech analytics it is possible to trawl through hundreds of thousands of calls to understand:

  • Are all your agents following the script?
  • Which skills are being utilised by the best agents to drive conversion?
  • Which agents require further training to emulate the success of the best performing sales agents?

Armed with this kind of information, it is now possible to provide incredibly valuable coaching feedback and build an individually tailored education and mentoring program to ensure all your agents operate at their best.

We would be happy to talk to you further about how we can help your outbound or inbound contact centre meet and exceed their sales targets.