Why Speech Analytics?

Many organisations only listen to 0.5% of their customer calls. That’s 3 calls of an agent who is often handling 600+ calls a month. With today’s compliance requirements and customer financial implications, such a small sample size should not be acceptable to any organisation.

Technology to unlock these insights been around for a while, and is getting better year on year. So why do organisations still struggle to leverage solutions enabling 100% analysis/listening of calls? Further, we estimate half of organisations that invest in Speech Analytics have limited to no usage after 12 months. This is due to poor deployment and training rather than technology issues.

Ensighted has been involved in many successful speech analytics programs, providing bottom line business results. We are focused on delivering projects that offer ongoing success and a platform you can build learning on for year on year improvement. If you are thinking of analysing your calls, then we hope this is of interest to you.

Some Of Our Capability

Here are some of our more popular speech analytics technologies.
  • Real-Time Speech Analytics – Turn all your customer service reps into world-class listeners.

  • Predictive Analytics – Get machine assisted insight to help you make the right call.

  • Text Analytics – Not all communication is over the phone, and that’s OK.

  • Desktop Analytics – Know what is happening throughout your call centre.

We also recognise no two companies are the same. Tell us a little about your business it can be surprising how many services and options are there to custom fit your needs and problems.

Why Ensighted

We are a small team of absolute professionals. After a couple of decades working for large organisations Mal, Charl and Frank knew we could offer a lower cost and better service by taking our knowledge and experience direct to market.

We have access to the same tool-sets and software as before but now offer a nimble, fast to deploy and customised service. So if you’re interested in speech analytics, reach out to us. We take time to understand your business, and come back with a no obligation recommendations and proposal.

Or download our checklist and see if this can help you get more from your speech analytics.