Service Effectiveness

With the complexity of managing customer journeys across voice, text and social media channels, trying to optimise the effectiveness of your agents is difficult without understanding what your customers are “saying”. Leveraging speech and text analytics on all interactions Ensighted goes past traditional QA approach of analysing a handful of calls per agent per month.

Monitoring all calls significantly improves understanding of how effective your agents are, and we can link interactions across multiple channels in an omni channel customer experience. This rich information allows you to assess agent skills (e.g. utilisation of empathy, root cause diagnosis, closing call skills) and develop targeted training plans to develop and nurture agent skills.

What We Can Offer You

  • A greater understanding of customer call intent by analysing the unstructured voice and text data to define the “reason for call” (no more relying on a limited list of ‘agent wrap codes’).
  • Knowing what the call purpose was, not the IVR selection made or agent code selection, avoiding issues like ‘top of the list’ codes
  • Understanding the variances in your team performance and how effective is each agent in addressing each interaction
  • Allow you to tailor your training plans by analysing what skill sets are being utilised by agents, and how effectively they are delivered to the customer
  • Re-analyse past calls when you have new process or requirements so you don’t have to wait for fresh data.