Insights come from understanding

As an organisation seeks to understand how best to structure self service to provide consistency and enhance the customer experience, a critical starting point is ensuring there is a clear understanding of customer intent (or reason for call). Whilst historical data from selections made by customers in an IVR will give us some direction as to intent, the true source of insights comes from understanding what was actually said during the conversations.

A unique part of Ensighted’s methodology is leveraging advanced speech analytics to derive customer intent and create structure from the unstructured data held in the call recordings in the organisation. This data can then be correlated with other data sources such as transfer rates and IVR menu selections to help design the right alignment between customer intent, IVR experience and the routing strategies which ensure a call is delivered to the correct skilled agent.

Even better, we can give you direct access to the tools to investigate and optimise your channels.

What We Can Offer You

  • Service deployment and set-up with tools training
  • Develop customisable KPIs, dashboards, reports or provide implementation services
  • Provide consistency and enhance the customer experience via improved customer intent understanding
  • Automated recurring reports providing actionable data on your preferred timetable.