Are you consistently maximising your sales conversion?

Do you know which sales skills have the greatest impact on your sales conversions? How do you know whether your sales agents are consistently following sales scripts and consistently applying the sales skills developed in training?

By leveraging speech and text analytics to analyse the interactions of your sales agents customer interactions, it is now possible to ascertain which skills have been utilised, how well they have been applied, validate compliance to company policy and correlate that to sales conversion figures to provide a detailed assessment of sales agent performance.

What We Can Offer You

  • An understanding of which selling skills drive the highest conversion rates
  • Understand the variance in usage of selling skills for each of your agents and how that impacts sales conversion
  • Build insights into competency development which is customised to specific agent needs
  • Profile customers and correlate which skills and customer needs drive sales conversion
  • Ensure compliance to company policy when providing advice and selling solutions