Understand your customer and identify actionable insights in real-time

Leveraging interaction analytics (voice and text) is a key way of understanding the voice of the customer without bias by creating structure that can then be analysed and modelled to provide actionable insights.

Customer experience surveys provide an alternate mechanism to get first hand feedback on a customer’s experience across their journey from all key customer touchpoints. With real-time omni-channel survey feedback it is possible to get an instant and reliable heartbeat of the effectiveness of your customers experience, and importantly across all touchpoints.

By using actionable feedback insight at every customer contact point, in real-time, your staff can react immediately to customer issues and increase CX satisfaction, improve customer acquisition and retention and improve employee performance.

Improve customer retention

Through direct customer feedback it is possible to correlate contributors to positive and negative outcomes and better understand the contributors to customer retention. Ensighted can help to bring together all your data to help analyse and model the contibutors to loyalty.

By correlating survey data including using text analytics across customer verbatims, Ensighted can help pinpoint what actions are needed to increase loyalty and increase revenue per customer.

Improve staff performance

Customer surveys are a valuable data source for measuring employee performance and understanding the attributes and soft skills that enable your customer service team to deliver the right outcomes for your business.

Direct feedback is incredibly valuable for employee coaching but also provides deep insights to operational issues away from your direct customer facing employees that contribute to both positive and negative outcomes.

Improve customer experience

Whether your organisation adopts or wishes to adopt Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Scores (CES) or CSAT (Customer Satsifaction) as a metric for measuring customer health, Ensighted can help you design the right surveys to meet your needs and provide guidances on best practices.

Using solid unbiased data from customer experience scores these can be correlated to all manner of data points to understand where to focus efforts to improve the customer experience. This could be understanding customer experience by product type, service type, friction points in a process and more.

Deliver actionable insights

Customer surveys provide an opportunity to gain insights into many facets of your business:

  • Harness product feedback directly from customers in real-time
  • Analyse customer preferences to better tailor the customer journey to your markets
  • Beter connect with your buyers to understand what is driving sales conversion
  • Identify operational issues with the ability to track performance against process improvements

Talk to the team at Ensighted about how we can help you build a first class customer survey capability that drives and tracks real time actionable insights across all customer touch points.