100% Compliance

Do you know which of your agents are compliant with critical customer service policies? Finding compliance issues can be liking finding the needle in the haystack. And sampling 3-5 calls per agent per month does not identify true levels of compliance. This can lead to poor customer service, damage the company brand and potentially expose the organisation to significant penalties.

Through speech and text analytics you are able to identify the specific deviations from compliance policies on every call. Then use this information to target specific training to those agents based on all their call, not the handful you may listen to.

What We Can Offer You

  • Understand your true levels of compliance on both agent side as well as acceptance by customers
  • Risk reduction by analysing every customer interaction improving compliance for monitored topics.
  • Close to real-time updates to policy deviation allowing for fast remedy if required.
  • Monitoring of inbound and outbound calls, as well as line exclusions where required for personal or policy requirements
  • Automated recurring reports providing compliance confirmation and when needed actionable data.